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We created this blog mainly with the hope we could encourage you to begin thinking of writing your memoirs, to convince you it is both possible and necessary, and to give you some of the tools you may use to make it happen.

You can do it by working at your own pace, and you can achieve whatever result you might choose. It should be a Fun project for you, and a rewarding one, as well.

We are the team at JMcontent, LLC, a group of freelance Ghostwriters, Proofreaders, Content writers and Copy editors.

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We offer the information on this blog to you free of charge because, while ghostwriting your biography might be one of the things we could do for our living, no one can write your memoirs better than you can yourself, and it is a story that needs to be told.

Your memoirs are the events in your life, as you want them to be recorded, whether you choose to publish them as a book, or just write them down to keep with your family records.

All the events of your life need not show up in your memoirs, just the ones you decide are most worthy of mention. That way, you have the luxury of celebrating your happiest moments, showing gratitude where it needs to be recognized, and ignoring any hurtful or unpleasant memories.

It is also a way to find closure for any of the darker moments that appear, to some degree, in all our lives – be it consequences of a bad decision, or the death of a loved one.

Biographies and Autobiographies are usually a “cradle-to-grave” chronological account of one’s life while your memoirs can start at any point and appear in any order you prefer. It is about the unique you, and you get to tell the story any way you want to.

We hope you and other visitors to this blog will be supporting one another’s efforts as each progresses, by leaving comments and suggestions below the blog posts as they appear.

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To get you started, here’s a link to a PDF you may find helpful: Click HERE to get your free copy of “7 Secrets for a Quick and Easy Way to Start Your Memoir”)